Creating a Job Application

Pittsford Central School District


Pittsford Central School District is widely regarded as one of the top school districts in the country.


The Human Resources Department at Pittsford Schools is located in the District Office at 75 Barker Road (in the Barker Road Middle School east wing).  The Human Resources department manages all recruiting and staffing for the District which employs approximately 1,200 administrators, teachers and support staff.

To begin the application process, please go to the My Application menu item. After completing all required information within your application, you will be able to apply for specific positions of interest. Simply view the available Job Opportunities to apply to the postings of interest.

Your application is transferable among all of the districts who use this service. If you have already registered with another participating district and want to be a candidate within the Pittsford Central School District, select Pittsford from the list of participating districts available on My Jobs. Note, you will not be able to select any districts until you have fully completed at least one Application Type.

Getting Help...

If you have questions about a posted job/position, please contact the School District directly. If you have technical questions related to completing or submitting your application or require other help with the application website, please click the Help menu item. "Help" will link you to the RecruitFront Support Portal, where you can search for a solution to your problem and / or submit a Support Request Ticket (i.e. via the SUBMIT TICKET link in the upper right corner of the screen).